The 10 Commandments of Travel

Our travel health services are consistent with recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Canada and the US-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Pre-Travel Health Consultation

Our team will assess your health and itinerary to provide personal, region-based guidance. Be prepared—to fully experience your adventure.


We’ll assess your itinerary and take risk factors such as age and vaccine records into consideration. Then you’ll get your personalized, destination-specific immunization program.

International Medical Services is a licensed yellow fever vaccination centre.


Based on the travel health consultation, our team can prescribe preventive and curative medications. Motion sickness medicine. Antimalarials. Antibiotics. You’re covered.

Safe travel advice

Trained in travel medicine and themselves seasoned travelers, the team at IMS give straightforward travel advice. From a two-week vacation in the Caribbean, to a long-term stay in Africa.

Post-Travel Health Consultation

Debriefing ensures you are as healthy as when you left. Any signs and symptoms of illness will be assessed.

International Medical Services looks forward to equipping you for an adventure.

About Us

Since 1936, International Medical Services (IMS) has strategically promoted safety and travel illness prevention. We have extensive experience sending short and long term expatriates to every continent and major travel destination (including Antarctica).

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